1. Hand colored family crests—one of many amazing illustrations I picked up in VT a few years back at an outdoor market.  Any Paddocks out there?

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  5. Bookplates! I looove a good bookplate. #pattern #color #books #book #bookplate #antique #vintage #nyc #brooklyn #library

  6. Pattern!  Color!  ”Youth lays great plans”.

  7. Beautiful and intricate glass models of an Octopus, Radiolarian, Jellyfish and Flower by 19th century glass artisans Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka.  Just one of thousands of pieces made by the father and son duo over their lifetimes.

  8. The Chicago Cultural Center’s Tiffany stained glass dome.  Stunning!

    Images from here, here, here and here.

  9. Pattern! Color! — Encaustic tile, found at the Brooklyn Museum. 

  10. MetroPostcard has a collection of some really fantastic historical postcards.  Examples are listed in alphabetical order—have a look see!

  11. For anyone interested in old books and medicine, the Wellcome Library in London has (excitingly) digitized a huge chunk of their extensive library of antique domestic “recipe” books and manuscripts.  Spanning three hundred years (their collection begins in the 1500s), the 270+ books are an amazing window into old medicine and household lore.  Above are images from two randomly selected manuscripts, both from the mid-1600s.  Look closely, and you might get some pointers on how to prevent bed wetting, or help should you suffer from a "pinne or a webbe in the eye."

    To jump straight to a list of all the available manuscripts, go here.

  12. The Japanese Traveling Candlestick.  For something that seems like it’d be an invaluable asset to any olden traveler’s knapsack, why have I never heard of this?

    (Source: docpop.org)