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  2. We are very excited to be included in the New York Times "Best Of" slideshow for NY Design Week 2014.  Included was our Chicago : Mexico City wallpaper in “Agave”.  High five, y’all! 

  3. Design*Sponge just gave us a wonderful write up today—check it out!  Thanks, D*S!

  4. Pattern!  Color!  Our Chochin wallpaper in “Hibiscus”, featured on Strolby.com alongside some other great Brooklyn wallpaper designers.

  5. Color!  An old letter slot, Brooklyn, NY.  @growhousegrow

  6. Thank you so much to Martha Stewart Living for this really amazing post about me and Grow House Grow.  It’s wonderful!

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  8. How exciting!  Two of our new wallpapers are in the New York Times today—pick up a copy of the Home Section and take a look!


    From the Times:

    The 25th International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which ended Tuesday, offered many surprises. There were dollhouse-size candelabra inserted into hanging glass bulbs like ships in a bottle and a coffee table whose base was sheathed in python. There was even wallpaper inspired by a 1909 New York Times article about a monkey in a bathhouse.”  


  9. Pattern!  Color!  The Cedars encaustic tile by Grow House Grow.

  10. That Highly Intelligent Clam: one of our new wallpaper patterns for Spring 2013.

    Designed for a bout of comical turn-of-the-century bar banter, That Highly Intelligent Clam has the feel of scrimshaw-meets-wallpaper.  Click through for the full story!

  11. Thank you, Design*Sponge, for the great post on our new wallpaper, fabric and tile line.  If you’re a fan of design, we highly recommend checking out their site! 

  12. In the Bathhouse: one of our new wallpaper patterns for Spring 2013

    Inspired by a wayfaring Rockaway monkey from a 1904 New York Times article, it hosts playful simians slurping oysters, smoking pipes, and lounging on an afternoon at the shore.  Click through for the full story!

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  14. Pattern!  That Highly Intelligent Clam fabric from Grow House Grow.

  15. Pattern!  Color!  Our Cattle Kate wallpaper, with nooses and lassos, celebrates one of the Wild West’s first female cattle rustlers.

    Since her untimely death in 1889, Ellen Liddy Watson, dubbed “Cattle Kate” by local papers of the time, has been tangled in a web of rumors, mystery and all-out lies.

    Considered an outlaw by most accounts, Watson and her husband were brutally hung by vigilante neighbors near their Wyoming homestead on the grounds of cattle rustling.

    Albert Bothwell, the ringleader responsible for their unjust murders, was acquitted of his crime following a wave of mysterious deaths and disappearances of all known witnesses. His deep pockets helped sway local papers, who painted the couple as swindlers and thieves. This description sadly lasted well into the twentieth century.

    Perhaps the most frustrating element of the story is how honest, vigorous and strong the real “Cattle Kate” was. A frontiers-woman who made her way homesteading across the Midwest, Watson built herself into a successful entrepreneur and cattle woman on her own dime. Her unavenged execution stands as a reminder that not all bad guys “get it” in the end, and that evil can—and will—go unpunished.”

    "Witnesses were murdered or disappeared mysteriously or were bought off. The three Cheyenne papers, dominated by incredibly wealthy cattle interests, trumped up the ridiculous stories everyone knows today about Ellen being a dirty whore and rustler, and Jim her accomplice, pimp and murderous paramour."  - George W. Hufsmith in The Wyoming Lynching of Cattle Kate,1889