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    Seashell fireplace detailing beautiful enough to move you (or at least me) to tears from the Theodore Gaillard (Gaillard-Bennett) House, c1800, Charleston, South Carolina - currently for sale.

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    Pierre Soulages 

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  4. Tiny dots, many stitches. #serminkardestuncer #pierogigallery #pattern #art #brooklyn

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    Cerussite from France by Joachim Esche

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  6. Beautiful sage. #brooklyn #nature #pattern #color

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    Princesse de Broglie - James Tissot


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    Photograph by George Hoyningen-Huene from Harper’s Bazaar, March 1944.

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    Jonathan Curry - koloroj front

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    Richard Mosse, The Enclave, (2012).

  13. withoutyourwalls:

    François Morellet, 4 Grids of regular dashes 0°-45°-90°-135°, 1971

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  14. Totally jamming out to this tonight:  Via herekittymusic:

    ♥ he’s sure the boy i love ♥: My favorite songs of 60’s girl groups and girl garage bands. You won’t regret hitting play!

    1. Egyptian Shumba ♫ The Tammys
    2. Break-A-Way ♫ Irma Thomas
    3. Hot Dog(Here He Comes) ♫ Tri-Lites
    4. I’ll Hide My Love Away ♫ The Short Cuts
    5. She Don’t Deserve You ♫ The Honey Bees
    6. Baby That’s Me ♫ The Cake
    7. Needle in a Haystack ♫ The Velvelettes
    8. The Train From Kansas City ♫ The Shangri-Las
    9. Who Do You Love ♫ The Sapphires
    10. After Last Night ♫ The Rev-Lons

    With 21 other spectacular tunes!


    (Cover drawing by amajor7!)

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