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    Norilsk, Siberia, June 2014 by Vyacheslav Stepanov

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    Strolling on the beach in Baritz c.1933 

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  4. Ooooh….

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  5. These are just gorgeous…check out those colors!

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    Paradise lost, Ed Freeman

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  6. I was so, so thrilled to be asked on to Design Sponge’s radio show on Heritage Radio this week. What a huge treat! Our topic was inspiration and, if you’re so inclined, you can listen to it here.

  7. Color!  Edward Hopper’s “The Circle Theater”.  Via Ephemeral NY.

  8. "Showgirls performing."(Photo By Arthur Rothstein/Courtesy of The Museum of the City of New York).  Via Gothamist.

  9. maudelynn:

    Lily Cahill, by Davis & Sanford c.1913

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    Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Composition with Circles and Semi-Circles, 1935

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  12. Color!

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    Жорж Сера. 

    George Seraut - L’echo (1883)

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    Turquoise tiles in Lisbon (by placeinsun)

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