1. Tenmon Bun’ya no zu (map showing divisions of the heavens and regions they govern) star map with wooden case by Shibukawa Harumi (1639-1715), Japan, 1677. Combines Shibukawa’s systematic astronomical observations with concepts from Chinese field-allocation astrology.

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    A painting of cut agate in the manner of a trompe l’oeil on the reverse side of Christ as the Man of Sorrows, Albrecht Durer, ca. 1493/94.

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    Peacock in Ravenna by Lawrence OP on Flickr.

    The peacock was an early Christian symbol of immortality and the Resurrection because the ancients believed that the flesh of the peacock did not decay. Moreover, it was thought that the peacock sheds it old feathers every year and grows newer, brighter ones. This phenomenon was thus taken as a symbol of the exchanging of the mortal earthly body for the glorified body and eternal life of the glorified soul in Heaven.

    This 6th-century mosaic of the peacock is in St Vitale in Ravenna.

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    Unknown, "The Artist", c. 1900-1910 .

    National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of Robert E. Jackson

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  5. Did you know we hid tiny ants on our Ms. Treat carnivorous plant wallpaper? Aside from influencing #Darwin and his study of plants, se also discovered her own species of ant. #wallpaper #wallcovering #history #marytreat #naturalist #1800s #carnivorousplants #venusflytrap #pitcherplant #nature #growhousegrow #handmade #handprinted #Brooklyn

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    Léon Bakst - Costume design for dancer Ida Rubinstein in the leading male role in Gabriele D’Annunzio’s Le Marthyre de Saint Sébastien. 1912

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  8. Pattern!

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  9. One of my absolute favorite things to do while walking down the streets of #Brooklyn is spying twin buildings. #buildingbuds #samebutdifferent #nyc #architecture

  10. Gilgiti-Balti boy, Pakistan

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    Umbrellas, Japan.  Photographer  Jackson Carson, Flickr

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    Brock Davis, torn paper held up over pine tree

  13. Pattern!  Color!

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    Austrian soldier at the wooden trenches during WWI, Eastern Europe,1915

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