1. leprincelointain:

    Victor Hugo (1802-1885), Château Fort - 1854

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  2. magictransistor:

    Abu Yahya Zakariya’ ibn Muhammad al-Qazwini; ‘Wonders of the Seven Seas’ section of ‘Aja’ib al-makhluqat wa-ghara’ib al-mawjudat (Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing), ca. 1203-1283 CE.

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  3. dulltooldimbulb:

    Basil Merrett circa 1950  Collection Jim Linderman

    Basil Merrett was institutionalized at Bethlem Royal Hospital in London as a psychiatric patient.  These drawings, each approximately 4” x 6” were done circa 1945-1950. COLLECTION DULL TOOL DIM BULB JIM LINDERMAN

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    French print on silk. 1890, unknown manufacturer. 

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  7. Erdem, totally killing it for Spring 2015.  I want it all.

  8. Mountain Village in Early Spring, Kawai Gyokudo — 1942.

  11. patternbase:

    Nikolai Sokolov, Health-resort hotel, 1928

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  13. sublimespy:

    Winslow Homer (1836-1910)

    Homosassa River, 1904

    Watercolor on paper

    The Brooklyn Museum 

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  15. These blurry photos don’t do this place justice.  Get ready for Sammezzano, an abandoned castle in Tuscany that’s unlike anything i’ve seen.  See the full article and more photos on Atlas Obscura.  Photos by Diana Di Nuzzo.